Saturday, 7 January 2012

Phone Problems

We just had our phone re-connected after two and a half weeks without. Maybe moving our phone account from BT to Southern Electric wasn't such a good idea after all - it's just added another layer of bureaucracy  between me (the customer) and BT (who still maintain the infrastructure regardless of who you pay your broadband and phone bills to).

Anyhow, according to the engineer who rang to let us know the line had been fixed, it seems there are major problems with the underground cable which runs from the west end of Coombe Lane, via the A345 back to Netheravon. So look out for road works sometime soon.

I suggested that it might be more cost effective to simply replace the cable with fibre-optic - we'd get a faster, more reliable broadband and BT would make a healthy profit from sale of the metal. But he wouldn't be drawn on that one.