Friday, 18 January 2013


I emailed Wiltshire Online with the query below:
I am chairman of the Community Led Plan steering committee for the parish of Enford (includes villages/hamlets of East Chisenbury, West Chisenbury, Coombe, Compton, Fifield and New Town).
I would like to devote a section of the plan to the future of broadband, but I can find nothing specific to our parish on this website. Where can I find out (on a village by village basis) a description of what improvements to the infrastructure are planned as a result of this project?
I received the following reply:
Following the announcement of BT as our preferred bidder we are undergoing a period of contract finalisation and will aim to sign the contract at the end of this month.
Once we have completed the contract with BT we will have an overall plan that we'll be able to share with communities but please be aware even at that stage we will not be able to offer information at parish level. More specific information will follow later once BT has completed surveys in each of the areas for the network build.
I will be able to provide more information about how we will communicate the roll out plan following contract signature. Information will be shared via Area Boards and our website so please revisit at the end of the month for the most up to date information.
If anyone has any inside information, please feel free to share...