Wednesday, 18 November 2015

End of The Road For Coombe Lane?

On 17 Nov 2015 I wrote to Wiltshire Online:

As a hamlet served by a a very old and unreliable EO line (Cabinet 5, Netheravon exchange), we were disappointed not to get fibre during Phase 1. However I was informed that we may be in with a chance for Phase 2. Can you please advise whether the plans for Phase 2 have been finalised, and whether we in Coombe Lane will benefit? Thank you.

I received the following response:

Thank you for contacting the Wiltshire Online team. I can confirm that your premise is indeed served by Cabinet 5, Netheravon exchange which has already been upgraded to fibre however, the distance of your premise from the cabinet means that you have not seen any uplift in speed.

Wiltshire Council has recently secured some further funding for a Phase 2 rollout however, having analysed our plans for Phase 2, unfortunately at this time the infrastructure that serves your postcode is not in the programme for upgrading further.