Friday, 11 October 2013


On 6 Oct 2013, I emailed the Wiltshire Digital Inclusion programme:

‘Is there somewhere that we are now able to see what infrastructure improvements BT will be implementing in our parish (Enford)?’

I received the following response:

‘I can confirm that Enford is in the intervention area for the Wiltshire Online programme; this means we are able to survey and invest in the area.  I cannot comment at this stage on the outcome of the survey or the improved speeds the area can expect. 

 I am also able to confirm that work is expected to begin in the wider area in early 2014; this is the beginning of the process in your area and when each village or community can order the improved service will vary.  The installation process begins with BT Openreach undertaking on-the-ground surveys to ensure that their existing infrastructure is fit for purpose, for example that the ducts that currently carry the copper wires are able to accept the new fibre cable;  some of the ducting has been in place for many years and may be damaged and need repair before the fibre can be installed.  So although we know how the programme will progress, until all of the survey work is completed we cannot absolutely guarantee when we can get to a particular community.’

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Rural Broadband Update

'Rural communities have continued to suffer a raw deal in the ‘piecemeal’ roll-out of the broadband project across the UK, leading rural network ACRE said today.