Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Rural Broadband Programme

An interesting article in the Western Daily Press here.

Enford is still due for a survey by BT in early 2015, after which we should find out what, if any, improvement is to be made to our phone infrastructure.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


On 20 May 2014, Digital Inclusion sent me a link their new web page at here. I sent them the following email:
In Oct 2013 you emailed me to say (with respect to the Enford area) 'I am also able to confirm that work is expected to begin in the wider area in early 2014'

In Feb this year you emailed me to say that 'work is due to start in your area towards the end of this year (ie. 2014)'.

According to this website my postcode SN9 6DF puts me in the Future Deployment stage. The website states 'Please rest assured that if your postcode is currently in the future deployment stage, it will enter the survey stage at some point in 2015.

Does this amount to another slippage?
They responded as follows:
I can confirm that we are still on track to begin work late this year surveying the infrastructure in your area; subject to successful survey, we would look to upgrade the area to fibre mid-2015.

We will be regularly updating our postcode checker so would advise to check back for an update nearer the time.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Update - Feb 2014

On 7 Feb 2014, I emailed Digital Inclusion:

‘In your last email, you said that work was expected to begin in early 2014. Are you able to provide any more details at this point?

I looked on the Wiltshire Online website but couldn’t find information regarding our village.’

I received the following reply:

‘Thank you for your email.

I am afraid that I misinformed you in my original email and work is due to start in your area towards the end of this year and not the beginning; apologies for getting my information wrong.

However, I would hope that you will be in a position to order fibre broadband by Spring 2015 at the latest and hopefully sooner as progress with our rollout continues to be ahead of schedule. 

Once again, apologies for misinforming you.’